Butterfly Bay

Mermaid in Butterfly Bay
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The parakeets whispered about the 'Tinted Barrier Reef' more and more often, their tone filled with obvious longing. The locals used the parakeets for their pranks, so I assumed they intended to tease Undine. Considering her desire to leave her former home behind, I wanted to spare her the prank and decided to move on. This time, the magic waters portal brought us to a place called ‘butterfly bay’. Another place with a name that perfectly describes it! Hundreds of glamorous butterflies fluttered in the air above the bay, and the local merfolk cheerfully treasured each of the tiny jewels. What an amazing and welcoming place! Yet Undine did not seem too happy. What was going on? How could one not adore this stunning place full of sunshine, intense hues and affectionate merfolk? I emphatically demanded answers from my friend. To my surprise, it turned out that she was desperately homesick! The trinket had just been an excuse to return home. And the growing restlessness in the Red Dragon Reef and the parakeet’s longing call - all just reflected Undine’s homesickness. ‘You know, Sally, I guess I understood something. Home is the place that I love to leave, and that I love even more returning to!’ I smiled affectionately at Undine, as we returned to her home.