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Read my current art book online for free!

My current art project is titled 'Of Creatures and Creations Volume II. You will find it on Social Media (see below), or you can view it here online. This web version features higher resolution images - just hover with your mouse pointer over the image, or on mobile, tap on the image.

Most of the time, there will be a new episode each week as the story unfolds and the project develops. If you want to get notified about new stories, you might want to consider subscribing to my newsletter, which will also give you access to exclusve content for subscribers only.

You can start reading at the beginning or you can jump ahead to the most recent part of the story

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View my creations!

Some years ago, revived my love for drawing, and quickly, also for writing by partaking in an Instagram challenge. So currently, you can best get the best impression of my art (and my artistic journey) on my social media profiles.

I am frequently creating new art and posting much of it online. If you want to stay updated, please consider subscribing to my newsletter.

The following links will take you to my corresponding external social media sites. You will find the most art on Instagram. I have started to also publish my Creatures and Creations work on Tumblr and post on Twitter.

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