About my art and me

magical blue milk cap mushroom

My current project - Of Creatures and Creations

Having done the same annual art challenge for two years in a row, I felt it was time for a change. So in January 2022 I started my current art project ‘Of Creatures and Creations’.

I expand on my previous work and my fictional world of Almaos. I choose a different art challenge each month and use their prompts weekly to create new experiences for our gnomish travelling writer Sally A. Wittiepen on her journey through Almaos. You can follow her weekly reports on my Instagram account.

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painting a stone peach

About my art process

Most of the visual art I create is in mixed media. I just love the intensity and brightness of these colors! I work in watercolor, too, but these inks are unique in their properties. Translucent like watercolors, but permanent like gouache colors, they provide me with exciting challenges and opportunities to create my art. White markers or poster colors emphasize highlights or help me create special light effects.

Besides the visual art, many of my works include also short stories. I created both images and stories in order to entertain you, and hopefully make you smile or inspire ideas for your own work in you.

T.A. Maassen self portrait

About me

I love creating. Over time, this love has expressed itself in many forms, including healthcare products, software, crafted goods, paintings, and stories.

Some years ago, I have been taking part in the Inktober challenge on Instagram. This has revived my love for drawing, and quickly, also for writing. I did this challenge for some years and even started creating stories made of the prompts. Aiming to bring a smile to your face, my often quirky art blends my love of all things fantasy, medieval and bagpipes with my scientific and commercial background.